The story of Vélez coffee

The beginning of Vélez coffee
Café Vélez is born from a passion for quality coffee and was founded by José Nicolás Vélez in 2007. Café Vélez specializes in roasting and commercializing fine Ecuadorian coffee from different regions of Ecuador and focuses on high altitude coffee. Until autumn 2014 Nicolás has his own coffee plantation: Nicolás is therefore somenone who knows all about coffee.

Former coffee plantation José Nicolás Vélez

The difference
– Café Vélez is very conscientiously and has very high standards when selecting its coffee as well as roasting the coffee beans. Café Vélez burns her own beans in a traditional way and regularly hosts professional tastings to ensure quality.
– All coffee from Vélez is produced by associations with small artisan producers or dedicated coffee farmers who work independently. Café Vélez ensures that their working methods are ideal for coffee quality and are environmentally friendly.
– Café Vélez guarantees  that producers get their deserved share of the value chain.

Own school for coffee trainings
Café Vélez has its own school for coffee trainings  to promote coffee culture.

Coffee roasting by José Nicolás Vélez & Coffee trainings at own school

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