The story of Hoja Verde chocolate & coffee

Start Hoja Verde
In 1997 Hoja Verde start the production of roses for export, mainly to European and Russian markets. Meanwhile Hoja Verde has a very good reputation worldwide for its consistent quality at a high level and of its social and environmental friendly business policies.

Start Hoja Verde chocolate
In 2009 Hoja Verde wanted to create a cross-marketing of roses combined with chocolate. The top selling days for roses and chocolate are indeed the same; Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas. And both products from Ecuador are of a high quality. However, US Customs put a stop to this; fresh roses and chocolates were not allowed to be entered together. Hoja Verde was already started with the chocolate and decided to set up a separate company: Hoja Verde Gourmet. In 2011 single origin coffee from Ecuador was added thereto. Obviously, this company also creates employment for the local population under good working conditions, taking into account the environment and the existing nature.

Logo Hoja Verde chocolade Ecuador

Own chocolate factory
In 2014 Hoja Verde bought their former dairy in Cayambe in Ecuador back and turned it into a beautiful own chocolate factory. In November 2014 the chocolate factory starts the production and makes bars, pralines and chocolate coffee beans. It’s nice to tell that the factory is located on the equator. So one half of the factory is located in the northern hemisphere and the other part in the southern hemisphere.

Machine in the Hoja Verde chocolate factory

Addition Vélez coffee
In 2014, José Nicolás Vélez  of Vélez Coffee joined the Hoja Verde company. Nicolás is a real expert in coffees , he even had his own coffee plantation. It is therefore no surprise that the high quality products of Vélez coffee are added to the range of Hoja Verde Gourmet.

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