Social assistance

La Asociación de Productores de Café Especial de Cariamanga
Café Vélez supports the association of producers of specialty coffee Cariamanga.

Cooperation with University of Loja
Café Vélez has since 2009 a cooperation agreement with the University of Loja: Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja = UTPL. Thanks to USAID backstage, Café Vélez has set up a laboratory where coffees can be tested. Here they develop theses and courses to learn tasting coffees.

Agreement with USAID
Using PRODEL (Proyecto de Desarrollo de Empresas Locales), a project to develop companies by location, Café Vélez has supported 450 farmer families in Loja. In 2009 240.000 coffee plants were planted and the families were helped with quality programs and materials. And in 2010 farmers of coffee plantations in the areas: Cariamanga, Chaguarpamba and Changaimina were helped.

Young coffee plants

Member of a peasant family in Loja

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