Social assistance

Cocoa beans Association Aproca
Hoja Verde buys its cocoa beans from Association Aproca in the province of Esmeraldas in northern Ecuador. Aproca gives the cocoa farmers a higher price than the cocoa traders. Thereby Aproca supports through knowledge farmers with planting new cocoa plants, taking care of the plants, harvesting pods and the fermentation process. The farmers learn, among other things to get a higher cocoa production per 1 m2. And some farmers let do the fermentation of the harvested cocoa beans by Aproca.

President of Associatie, Olmedo Castro

Cocoa farmer Mauricio Meza

Independent of reports cocoa traders
Association Aproca has its own small laboratory and measuring equipment. The cocoa farmers, who are members of Aproca, can test and analyze their cocoa in this association. They are not dependent on reports from cocoa traders, who often want to achieve a lower price under the guise the quality is not optimal.

Measurement of fermentation process

Own laboratory

Hoja Verde chocolate factory creates work
When it was known that Hoja Verde was setting up its own chocolate factory, many people from the surroundings apply to Hoja Verde. Everyone knows that Hoja Verde is a good employer in terms of employment, working conditions and social services. Hoja Verde has proven this with his  workers on her 3 rose plantations.

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