Properties and uses MIRA avocado oil

MIRA avocado oil seduces your senses!
MIRA avocado oil has not only high nutritional values, but is also great because of its exotic aroma, emerald green color and amazing texture. This oil seduces your senses!
MIRA avocado oil is not a substitute for extra virgin olive oil and other oils, but it is a new oil, a new taste that can be introduced to food. It is a flavor enhancer because it makes the difference without overwhelming the dish and the remaining ingredients.

High viscosity
MIRA avocado oil has a high viscosity, that is syrupy, thicker than most other oils and avocado oils, thus:
• the oil is very suitable for making dressings and sauces. It works as a kind of binder, resulting in a homogeneous substance.
• the oil makes a film to the court instead that MIRA avocado oil is completely absorbed by the court. This means that the flavor of the dish itself remains more intact and you also need less avocado oil.

High baking temperature
MIRA avocado oil can be heated to 223oC, thus:
• the avocado oil is ideal for frying or using in dishes, which are prepared in the oven or on the barbecue. The higher the temperature, the less oil is absorbed by the food. Of course, retain more nutrients in cold use.
• the avocado oil is suitable to marinate in; the oil is not completely absorbed, but makes the dish very soft and tasteful. And you need less oil compared to other oils .

How to store MIRA avocado oil
• Keep dark with cap on.
• Storage temperature between 10o en 28o Celsius.

• MIRA avocado oil is delicious in salads, vegetarian dishes and for dipping bread in a little oil.
• Serve with fresh avocados, fresh coriander, a little paprika powder or ground sea salt.
• MIRA avocado oil processing in guacamole ensures the guacamole will stay beautiful in color.
• Good with fish, chicken and veal, because the oil has a mild flavor.
• Very surprising with sweet dishes and chocolate, especially the MIRA 100% Hass avocado oil, by its very mild taste. Even as sprinkling a sweet dish; oil adds an extra flavor and the fresh green color gives a fresh feel to the dish.
• Finishing touch with avocado oil; for example, fish from the oven or grill drizzled with a little avocado oil enhanced the flavor of the fish.
• Potato slices get a delicious crispy layer when they are fried in MIRA Original avocado oil.
• It is delicious when you grill shrimps, marinated in Chile Breeze avocado oil. You’ll notice that you don’t need so much oil and the shrimps get a delicious spicy taste.
• Risotto gets a little more bite when you add pieces of chicken fried in MIRA Chile Breeze avocado oil.
• MIRA Andean Star avocado oil is fun and delicious with a carpaccio of thinly sliced ​​tomatoes ​​through his starlets!

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