The story behind MIRA avocado oil

Uyama Farms
Uyama Farms is named after the area where the avocado plantation is located. Uyama means: Echo of the mountains.

Uyama Farms, a family business in the north of Ecuador, is dedicated since 1999 to the production of avocado derivatives. The main focus is to create products that are both unique and healthy, along with the promotion of local employment, the development of sustainable agriculture, the restoration of the country and preventing erosion by planting forests with avocado trees. Uyama farms owns an avocado plantation of 180 hectares. Uyama is a member of the avocado growers association in Ecuador, aimed at developing a new source of income for the Ecuadorian economy in the long term.

Factory Uyama Farms

Mauricio Dávalos, founder MIRA avocado oil
Mauricio Dávalos is the founder of various agricultural activities in Ecuador. He held several ministerial posts in the government of Ecuador, he was among others Minister of Agriculture. He was also the president of the Central Bank of Ecuador.
In 1982 he started the first rose farm in Ecuador to grow roses for export. Then he started in 1992 with the cultivation of grapes  for wine production and in 1999 with growing avocados. From 2008 he produces avocado oil in his own factory, together with his daughter María Clara.

María Clara and Mauricio Dávalos

Life Work
Now if you look around at the MIRA valley, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty and tranquility of this green oasis. This was not the case when Mauricio bought a piece of the valley, in the early nineties. The area consisted almost exclusively of eroded volcanic soil with a stray agave here and there. However, the discovery of seven natural springs and the construction of a drip irrigation system proved much more possible. No pump is used, there is only irrigation using hillslides and gravity. Because there was no passable path, he began the construction of more than 40 kilometers of rural roads, with one tractor. A hell of a job.

MIRA valley

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