(Flavor) characteristics Hoja Verde chocolate

– Single original
The cocoa for Hoja Verde chocolate comes from the association Aproca from the province of Esmeraldas in northern Ecuador, see: http://www.slideshare.net/FundacionACUA/aproca-17686143. Aproca is one of the 12 cocoa associations in Ecuador, see also page: Distinction cocoa Ecuador. About 400 familes are connected in Aproca. Each family has between 1 and 3 acres of private land. Association Aproca supports farmers through knowledge and gives farmers a higher price for the cocoa beans than the commercials. Through an association a cocoa farmer can test and analyze his own chocolate.

Association Aproca

– Single variety
Chocolate is made from 100% certified Arriba cocoa beans, which are long been recognized as one of the world’s best cocoa beans.

– Biodiversity and sustainability
On the plantations farmers take into account the conservation of natural resources and environment. Arriba cocoa plants grow between/among the tropical plants and trees, so there is a natural balance. This is better for both the farmers and the environment in the long term.



Sacha Inchi

– Kosher and organic certified

– Chocolate is 100% natural

– Organoleptic characteristics: milk, banana, caramelized, dried fruit, cocoa, wood, floral and fruity.

– Flavor characteristics: sweet, fruity, nutty, cocoa and creamy. Hoja Verde Chocolate is not bitter, is not acid  and does not pull together your mouth.

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