In this film you see our Ecuador products in Dutch TV-program Lifestyle Xperience. The broadcast was on Sunday, July 31st, 2016 at RTL4 on the Dutch television and the repetition on Saturday, August 6th on RTL 5. This broadcast was an introduction to our Ecuador products: MIRA avocado oil and Hoja Verde chocolate. There are coming 3 more broadcasts. In October 2016 we are visiting chef Alain Alders of the restaurant with one Michelin star “De Vrienden van Jacob’s” in Santpoort.  We’ll see how chef Alain Alders makes dishes with MIRA avocado oil. The 3rd broadcast will be in January 2017 at a chocolatier, who Hoja Verde chocolate uses in its products. And in February 2017, the last broadcast is in a gourmet shop that sells our products to consumers. Here the link to the film: Ecuador products on Dutch TV
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Ecuador products on Dutch TV