Distinction MIRA avocado oil

MIRA avocado oil of Uyama farms from northern Ecuador (Carchi province) is different from other avocado oil producing countries such as Chile or Israel.

• Avocados of Uyama farms from northern Ecuador have more color, flavour and odor because:
– location on the equator
– an average height of the plantations at 1900 meters above sea level
– fertile volcanic soil
– water from 7 natural springs
• Every day harvest and weekly production of avocado oil, all year round!
• No using pesticides
• No using overripe and/or damaged avocados
• The time required for ripening of the avocados is taken, this happens after the harvest of avocados in so-called ripening rooms
• After removing the pit, the oil is extracted from the pulp. This is done in machines wherein the temperature during the production process is not higher than 38o C, which retained all the good nutrients
• MIRA avocado oil is 100% natural
• The acidity of MIRA avocado oil is less than 1
• MIRA avocado oil has a higher viscosity than most other avocado oils and other oils
• Directly from the manufacturer
• Single origin

Water source and flows

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