Chocolate factory Hoja Verde

Chocolate factory on the equator
Since November 2014 Hoja Verde has its own chocolate factory in production. The factory is located in Cayambe in Ecuador. It is special that the equator runs through this factory. This means that one half of the factory is located in the northern hemisphere and the other half in the southern hemisphere. Near the factory, a monument alerts passers that they cross the equator.

Monument on the equator

Developments of Hoja Verde
Hoja Verde bought his former dairy back and transformed it into a magnificent chocolate factory with
high-quality machines. Before the chocolate was made in chocolate factory Ecuatoriana  in Quito. In the beginning of 2015 they started to build a 2nd factory for coffee next to the chocolate factory. They are also develop new products.

Nuria Villacis; Corporate Chef

Sebastian Castro; Factory Manager

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