Characteristics Vélez coffee

Café de Altura Ecuador
Café de Altura refers to the height at which the coffee grows and to the high quality.


  • Arabica coffee from different regions in Ecuador; single origin
  • more complex flavors and aromas by the slow growth at height
  • manual harvesting and careful selection of only ripe berries
  • labour-intensive harvesting; several times picking one plant
  • washing the berries after harvest; the fruits are pulverized and placed in fermentation tanks for several hours so that the mucus (the membrane that covers the seed of the coffee) is released
  • after washing the coffee beans are dried in the sun
  • own branding

correct packaging:
– thick enough to maintain freshness
– with venting system from the inside out
– reclosable

Picking ripe coffee berries

Drying the coffee beans

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