Awards Hoja Verde chocolate

International Chocolate Awards Americas & Asia-Pacific 2016
End June 2016 Hoja Verde won again two awards, now in the International Chocolate Awards Americas & Asia Pacific in New Jersey. Bronze for Hoja Verde 58% dark chocolate with quinoa and silver for a new flavor that will soon be on the market: 58% dark chocolate with rose and lemon.

International Chocolate Awards Americas & Asia-Pacific International Chocolate Awards Americas & Asia-Pacific

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2016 London
Hoja Verde won two bronze awards in May 2016 in London at the Academy of Chocolate Awards. Bronze for Hoja Verde 66% dark chocolate and bronze for Hoja Verde 80% dark chocolate.

Academy of Chocolate Awards London

Hoja Verde has the best chocolate bar in Ecuador at Gourmet Cultura 2015
In October 2015 in the capital Quito of Ecuador, Hoja Verde 66% dark chocolate won the award for best chocolate bar of Ecuador in 2015 in a competition organized by Ecuador Cultura Gourmet 2015. And of course we are very proud, because 120 bars were participated in this competition.

Best chocolate bar 2015 in Ecuador

Ecuador Chocolate Awards 2014
In October 2014 Hoja Verde won the award for best chocolate bar with milk at Ecuador Chocolate Awards 2014. This was with Hoja Verde 50% dark chocolate with milk.

Chocolate Awards Ecuador 2014

Ecuador Chocolate Awards 2013
In October 2013 Hoja Verde won the award for best dark chocolate bar at Ecuador Chocolate Awards 2013. This was with Hoja Verde 80% dark chocolate.

Ecuador Chocolate Awards 2013